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When I started this vlog I never envisioned that so many people from around the world would watch my videos. Most of my foreign viewers are from English-speaking countries–Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa–but also from many others, like France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Japan, China, and Pakistan to name a few.

To help reach more foreign countries, help me translate these videos to other languages! There are three ways you can assist me with this project:

1. Do the grunt work of downloading my videos, translating them to your chosen language, and then uploading them back onto YouTube for all to see.

2. If you don’t have the capabilities to edit videos, do the hardest work of translating the video into your chosen language, send me the transcript and I’ll figure out a way to add subtitles.

3. If all you know is English, help me transcribe the words of each video into a transcript that can be used by others who know how to translate. Working from a transcript assists greatly in translating accuracy and speed.

If you can help me in any way, email me and let me know.

Translated Videos

Catalan Subtitles

Catalan UCVlog on YouTube

1. My scars: Les meves cicatrius (2:35)

2. First surgery: Primera cirugia (9:28)

3. Second surgery: Segona intervenció (7:44)

German Subtitles

German UCVlog on YouTube

1-2. Changing an ostomy appliance: Wechsel der Stomaversorgung Part 1 (8:44) and Part 2 (4:57)

3. Emptying an ostomy appliance: Wie man einen Stomabeutel leert (5:20)

4. First surgery: Erster Eingriff: Kolektomie (9:28)

5. Second surgery: Zweite Operation: die Anlage des J-Pouch (7:44)

6. Sleeping with an ostomy: Wie man mit einem Stomabeutel schläft (6:42)

7. Third surgery: Rückverlegung (4:47)

Hebrew Subtitles

Hebrew UCVlog on YouTube

1-2. Changing an ostomy appliance Part 1 (8:44) and Part 2 (4:57)

3. Emptying an ostomy appliance (5:21)

4. First surgery: Colectomy (9:28)

5. My Scars (2:34)

6. Second surgery: J-pouch (7:42)

7. Third surgery (4:47)

Japanese Subtitles

1. Emptying an ostomy appliance (5:20)

2. Sleeping with an ostomy (6:44)

Spanish Subtitles

Spanish UCVlog on YouTube

1-2. Changing an ostomy appliance: Cambio de dispositivo de ostomía Part 1 (8:44) and Part 2 (4:57)

3. Emptying an ostomy appliance: Vaciando la bolsa (5:20)

4. First surgery: Primera cirugía (9:28)

5. My scars: Mis cicatrices (2:35)

6. Second surgery: Segunda intervención (7:44)

7. Sleeping with an ostomy: Durmiendo con una bolsa de ostomía (6:44)

8. Third surgery: Tercera intervención (4:48)


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