Top 10 STD Testing Centers Across the United States

Every year millions of Americans are infected by an STD. The CDC has advised people, especially those in the most sexually active demographics, to get tested at least once a year. Whether it is for an annual check, or if there has been potential exposure, the following are the top 10 STD Testing Centers. Each one offers the baseline of quality testing care, which includes testing times at or below 30 minutes and results within 24 to 72 hours. Though, depending on the test or number of tests, individual wait times may vary.

Accurate Denver STD Testing Centers: 1-888-857-8122

Aside from delivering the core standards in discrete and expedient STD screening and treatment, the Accurate Denver STD testing center is renowned for its dedication to patient’s comfort. They offer friendly service and advice for patients to follow long after their appointment and test findings.

The Colorado State capitol dome in real Colorado gold gilding stands on the left in this skyline shot of downtown with the distant Pike's Peak mountain looming in the background in Denver on April 30, 2011. UPI/Gary C. Caskey

The Colorado State capitol dome in real Colorado gold gilding stands on the left in this skyline shot of downtown with the distant Pike’s Peak mountain looming in the background in Denver on April 30, 2011. UPI/Gary C. Caskey

Priority STD Testing in Boston: 1-888-211-2365

Committed to serving the entire 02108 zip code, the Priority STD Testing Boston goes above and beyond to help their patients and clients. As part of a 4,000 strong community of nationwide testing centers, they are just one of the many prominent examples set by the company in the field of STD diagnostics and management.


STD Testing of Miami: 1-954-315-4145

Small mistakes should not ruin your life and those of the ones you love. Not getting tested when you have potentially been exposed is one mistake that can lead to life changing consequences for not just yourself. The staff at the STD testing centers in Miami uphold the belief in making patients feel comfortable in their journey to better health. With non invasive testing techniques, same day appointments and after result counseling, they are dedicated to seeing no one go untested or treated.


Houston STD Testing: 1-832-209-2753

Offering a wide selection of panels at greater than average discounts, the Houston STD testing center has the best track record for accuracy and customer service in the area. With ultra discrete testing procedures that do not require disrobing, it is little surprise they are so highly rated among local and statewide facilities.


Priority STD Testing in Washington DC: 1-888-211-2365

With their location in near the capital, it is no wonder that they strive to be leaders among the field of STD testing facilities. Another highly praised facility in the nationwide chain of Priority STD testing Washington DC, branch serves the entire 20001 zip code.

Chicago STD Testing: 1-773-948-4537

Based in the windy city and serving the entire area, the Chicago STD Testing centers offer the most reliable and discrete testing possible. Open 6 days awake and always welcoming new clients, they have made great efforts to encourage sexually active adults and teens to get tested. The rates of STD increases with the population density, making their quality services near invaluable.

California Medical Labs STD Testing: 1-888-334-4972

With one of the highest accuracy rates for testing facilities in the state of California, the California STD testing center prides themselves on the excellent track record. Staffed by friendly and ever helpful staff, they are willing to talk with and help their clients every step of the way.


Accurate Fort Worth STD Testing Centers: 1-888-857-8122

Operating on the “no appointment needed” policy, Accurate Fort Worth STD Testing Centers focuses on speed and accuracy. The Want clients to feel that in no way a burden or shore to get tested and treated. Their supportive and caring staff are dedicated to helping clients not just feel welcome, but to get the testing and treatment they need.


STD Testing Los Angeles: 1-626-384-5199

Covering the entire Los Angeles area, clients can locate the nearest center to them by contacting the central office number provided. Specializing in friendly and discrete care, the staff of the STD testing centers of Los Angeles go above and beyond to help clients fit testing into their life. With efficient testing methods that do not require the patient to strop or suffer an uncomfortable swab, they can guarantee almost 100% accuracy for their convenient tests.

Portland Priority STD Centers: 1-888-211-2365

Positioned to cover all the key points between Washington and Oregon state, STD testing portland is set to deliver the most efficient and convenient STD testing service possible. Working hard against the stigma behind testing, and the belief it is an inconvenience, Priority encourages potential clients to give them a call and talk with a counselor today. The tests are quick and the appointments are short, making them and ideal choice for all manner of clientele.


An Overview Of Medical Supply Marketing

There is an industry that has become extremely profitable for those that are able to run this type of business. It is called medical supply marketing. This is where you are able to acquire both new and used medical equipment and market it to medical professionals. Some of the largest companies are able to handle a wide variety of medical practitioners and their needs, providing them with state-of-the-art equipment that they need right away. Some of this is done through traditional marketing, whereas the most profitable form of this business comes from online marketing, both of which we will now present.

An Overview Of Marketing Medical Supplies

There are a couple of things that these companies are very good at doing when marketing directly to physicians that will need the products, such as Rapicide, that will help them run their business. The primary focus is to know how to make contact with these individuals, send them information that will not be perceived as spam, but allow them to get everything that they will need in order to improve their ability to provide their service. Long-term sales is also a goal of these companies that provide equipment and supplies that will be needed on a regular basis. This can be the clothing that is worn, the gloves that are used, and of course the medical equipment that needs to be replaced from time to time or that also has components that need to be replaced regularly.

Different Types Of Medical Supplies

There are many different types of medical supplies that are sold every day. From antiseptic wipes to medical equipment that is used with different professions, this can be purchased very easily and sent out sometimes free of charge. Whether a person is helping someone that is a diabetic, or if someone has recently broken were injured their neck, neck braces are always available. For nurses that are working with patients, vinyl synthetic gloves, and exam gloves are always needed in order to protect both doctors and nurses that are working with patients that may have contagious diseases.


Getting The Best Deals

In order to get the best deals on medical supplies, you have to look at the many medical equipment marketing companies that are on the web, or perhaps in your city, that you can get your supplies from. You could be an anesthesiologist, an ophthalmologist, or a gynecologist, all of which require very specific types of equipment and supplies that can be obtained for discounted rates. You will want to be careful when choosing a company, making sure that you can determine if they are legitimate, and if they have positive feedback from other medical professionals that have purchased from them in the past. By comparing the amounts that they charge, and placing your initial order, you can make a quick determination as to whether this is the best possible choice. In most cases, if a medical supply company is marketing to the right niche group of physicians, they will be able to generate a consistent revenue as long as they can provide the exact supplies and products that are needed.

In conclusion, the benefit of owning and operating a medical supply company is that you will be able to market to individuals that are constantly looking for products and supplies to help them run their business. Whether this is for a clinical or laboratory immunology clinic, pediatric pathology office, or a general practitioner, it is easy to target these businesses in order to provide them with all of the supplies that are needed at a discounted rate. Once you have set up an account with several companies, you will be ready to start making money, taking your business to the next level. And best of all, you will be providing a service to physicians across the nation that will look to you for the things that they need, helping you help them provide the best possible service.

How Having Too Much Hair Can Cause Problems In Your Life

Everyone will always tell you they want more of something. More money. More dessert. More hair. Having more money brings in its fair share of problems. More desserts can bring on obesity and other health issues. What about having more hair?

It would seem as if you have thinning to little hair, more hair would be a blessing. However, there are those of us where having too much hair makes aspects of living a hassle. Follow along as I explain the multitude of problems with too much hair.


Stepping into the shower comes with a host of many problems. Most enjoy long relaxing showers, those of us with too much hair have come to despise them.

First, there is the issue of finding the right shampoo for our type of hair. Choose the wrong shampoo and you can end up with super volumized, frizzy hair. That is no fun for anyone!

While you are shampooing your hair, you are left with strands of stray hairs all over your body and hands. You leave behind a trail of yourself on the shower walls, shampoo bottles, and soap.

Of course, all that excess hair is going to have to go somewhere, so it ends up down the drain. At some point in time, all of that excess hair is going to build up and clog your drain up. You have one of two choices. You can call a plumber and pay the cost or do it yourself and be grossed out. You really do not want to deal with human hair that has been building up in a shower drain over time!

Time Management

One of the biggest issues of having so much hair is the time it takes to get it looking good. Most of us do not have Hollywood stylists to help us every morning and evening to look glamorous.

There is the general hassle of trying to brush your hair and deal with tangles and frizzing. This in itself can take upwards of a half hour. On the same note, I can not tell you how many hair brushes are either lost or broken while trying to brush long, unmanageable hair.

There are various hair care products that have to be applied and rubbed into the scalp. Some which actually work, while others that seem to have no purpose what so ever.

If by some chance the weather is not what you are expecting all the work could be for naught. Having too much hair leaves you more exposed to the elements. Humidity or rain can ruin all the work you put into your hair in mere moments.

Is having too much hair a real big problem in life? Probably not, but it can be a real nuisance and inconvenience. There are some good tools and products that are able to help. But there are days it seems the easiest choice is to just chop it off and send it off to locks for love.

Now, let me go fish that hair out of the shower drain!

Article On My Favorite Supplement that Beats Age

Is your skin starting to look older? As we age, our complexions tend to dry out, and fine lines and wrinkles begin to rob us of the smooth and sexy look that we enjoyed in our youthful years.

While no supplement is a true fountain of youth, Phytoceramides products do have the power to make us look younger, due to their ability to bring more precious moisture to the skin.

Learn How Phytoceramides Work

Many people ask what are phytoceramides made of? They are Derived from grains and are proven to make complexions smoother and younger. These wonderful supplements are also safe, so they provide exceptional anti-aging benefits, without causing unwanted symptoms and side effects. When you choose Phytoceramides, you’ll be choosing the skin care secret of plenty of smart and savvy consumers.

Loaded with powerful active ingredients which go four layers under the skin in order to plump it and make the surface layer, the epidermis, look younger, Phytoceramides are available via a range of online retailers.


These supplements are easy to find, they are easy to take and they aren’t that expensive. When you consider what you’d spend on expensive skin care serums, creams and lotions, the cost of investing in affordable Phytoceramides supplements is really extremely reasonable.

Most lotions and creams can’t go deep under the skin. This means that they don’t provide measurable results. This is why you’ve probably been disappointed by anti-aging skin care in the past. While some skin care products, such as retinols, do provide beneficial anti-aging benefits, they also have drawbacks.

For example, retinols cause stinging, tingling and redness before they begin to work. As you can see, taking a side effect-free Phytoceramide supplement will be the key to unlocking anti-aging skin care benefits, without the downside of irritating skin care creams.

Are Phytoceramides Right for You?

Now that you know more about these types of supplements, it’s time to make a decision about whether or not they are right for you. If you are interested in trying Phytoceramides, you’ll find them at many online suppliers, including the trustworthy and reputable online retailer, Look for formulas which get five-star reviews from real-life customers.

Take these supplements according to the package directions. Then, track your results. Over weeks of therapy with this gentle, yet effective supplement, you should notice real improvements in your skin, such as fewer fine lines, most elasticity and more firmness. In addition, your complexion may become more radiant. So, why not try these exceptional supplements today?