Guest post by Bo Parrish: Why not?

October 30, 2013

Bo Parrish, a semi-professional triathlete, writes today’s guest post. Bo has made incredible strides in overcoming Crohn’s disease and surgery, and his story is very inspiring. Check out his website at Change Your Mind for more info!


Why not?

Allow me to encourage you to alter your vocabulary in the slightest of manners. Rather than asking yourself “why” finish the thought with “why not?” If it’s one thing that a near death experience taught me is that “now” is all I’ve got!

I believe in my heart that human beings were created to thrive not simply survive. My life is a prime example of this observation and my only regret is that it took so long for me to discover. If there is one thing in your life that is keeping you from thriving, let me assure you that it is YOU. I understand that this is a tough realization to come to, but I offer my story as proof of this conviction….

Bo Parrish running

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 13. My life became a vicious cycle of fever, weight loss, anemia, stomach pain, chronic diarrhea and bone loss. I missed out on my life as a carefree teenager and adventurous college student. My days were spent in hospitals and sitting outside classrooms in fear of the next inevitable trip to the bathroom. Surgery was recommended on multiple occasions but I resisted. As devastating as the pain had become it was familiar and therefore predictable. Surgery was out of the question and I willingly continued on my pathetic path.

Bo Parrish riding bicycle

In 2006 my large intestine ruptured and my decision for surgery was stolen forever. If I wanted to continue living, I had no choice surgery was the only option. Miraculously, the last 7 years have been nothing short of incredible. Not only have I made a full recovery and embraced my life with an ostomy but have reached the pinnacle of physical fitness. To start, I married my marathon coach and wife of my dreams. I have become a semi-professional, nationally sponsored triathlete and runner and have had the tremendous honor of building a platform creating awareness for an organization that I owe my life too. My personal vision now is to encourage and inspire others too see change as a blessing and not a burden. If I could have known how great life could be on the other side of surgery, I would have volunteered for it rather than resisting it.

Bo Parrish swimming

If there is anything I would hope that you glean from my story is that anything is possible so “WHY NOT” do something about it today!


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  1. this is inspirational. Thank you

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