What’s the difference? Temporary vs. permanent ileostomy

January 8, 2012

Besides the obvious difference–temporary being for short term, and permanent being forever–this video covers the difference between the type of surgery each of these are, as well as, the reasons why a patient may need temporary ileostomy surgery or permanent ileostomy surgery.

In some cases a patient may undergo temporary ileostomy surgery only to later have to undergo permanent ileostomy surgery–as in my case. Despite having two temporary ileostomies, I now live with a permanent ileostomy. In this video I talk about both.

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  1. Hi, I’ve had UC for 15 years and becuase of a tumor they removed my colon and gave me a perm. ileostomy so they could figure out what it was (tumor) and what to do about it. Thankfully it was not cancerous, just lots of long polyps growing through eachother..
    Last september i had an ileo-rectal anastomosis, as i still had 17cms of rectum left. UC is still there but no polyps, so this is a viable surgical step inbetween removal of colon and an j-pouch. Whilst the anastomosis was healing they gave me a temp. loop ileostomy. 6 days ago I had that closed up and now I am using the 17cms of rectum. So I have also had a temp and a perm ileostomy and I think they are great.. without them i don’t think id be here any more!

  2. Mine is labelled as temporary because I still have my rectum, even though I don’t have a colon to be reversed and I’m not having j-pouch! In UK you are guaranteed free prescriptions for life if it is permanent if temporary it goes on your income. So I’d have to go through more surgery just to be labelled permanent.

    • Wow, I did not know this. I often think that a person that has to live with a permanent ileostomy should have free ostomy supplies for life–nobody chooses this. It’s interesting how different countries have these policies regarding these surgeries. Thanks for sharing.

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