Exclusive interview with Ally Bain, creator of Ally’s Law, and her gastroenterologist Dr. Rubin

December 19, 2011

Recently we were contacted by WestGlen Broadcast Public Relations as part of a nationwide campaign to spread awareness in the inflammatory bowel disease community about Ally’s Law (known as the Restroom Access Act). Ally Bain and her gastroenterologist Dr. David Rubin offered us an exclusive video interview to spread awareness about this law. This was a phone interview with Dennis and I because we were all in different locations.

David Rubin is an associate professor of medicine, co-director of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, and director of the Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition fellowship program at the University of Chicago (UC).

Ally Bain was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 11 and at age 14, Ally experienced a Crohn’s flare up in a department store and had an accident because she was denied use of the employee-only restroom. Since then, Ally has dedicated herself to raising awareness about Crohn’s disease and the rights of people living with the condition by creating “Ally’s Law.”

There are many resources where you can learn more about getting involved to help legislation pass this law in your state. Check out CrohnsAndMe.com as well as CCFA.org to learn more and find additional information.

We feel very honored to have been given this rare opportunity. We should all do our part and get involved in this movement because “everyone deserves restroom access.”

“Awareness is empowering.” ~Rita Wilson


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  1. Informative interview. Good job, guys!

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