A helping hand For Haiti

February 9, 2010

NOTE: This is an old post. The supply drive is currently suspended while we find a new drop-off location. Please check back first half of 2011 for the new location.

Often in the past, my local ostomy support group has gathered and collected new/unused ostomy supplies and has sent them to Haiti to patients with ostomies. We take collections once a month and periodically ship to a facility in Haiti to distribute these medical supplies. NOW YOU CAN HELP! If you have unused/new ostomy supplies or any other medical supplies please send them in care of me. And I will ensure they get to the people of Haiti who need them! We will be taking ongoing donations, so at anytime we will be happy to receive your new leftover supplies.

Your stoma size may have changed, allergies to flanges may have developed, trying different companies for the perfect fit are many reasons for those extra supplies you may have. These unused and no longer needed supplies can be shipped to third world countries such as Haiti who have little or no ostomy equipment. Following the horrific earthquake in Haiti, many people are left with nothing. Just think of all the people we can help! Haiti was in need so much before this earthquake, but even more now.

If you have any questions about this donation program you can email me at Nadia@UCVlog.com

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”
~Flora Edwards

For all of you who plan to donate, I will say a huge THANK YOU!


One comment

  1. hey,
    this is great work! hoping you get a lot of supplies to ship to Haiti. The quote in the end best describe what we can get out of this. Keep it up Nadia.

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