J-pouch and diet

March 18, 2009

The video everybody’s been waiting for: my diet with my j-pouch! Diet is a big concern for people undergoing surgery since, as we all know quite well, ulcerative colitis can really ruin ones diet. Some people are worse off than others in this regard.

Like anything with a j-pouch, don’t assume my route and recovery to be the same as yours. Everybody is different to varying degrees. Most j-pouchers get to the same place in the end, but the amount of time it takes to hit certain milestones (like eating raw vegetables again, drinking carbonated beverages, etc.) is what varies the most.

This video chronicles my first two months using my j-pouch. At the end I talk about how I can eat any food I want. But don’t consider this the end of the story. Soon after I made this video, my stool consistency started to regress slightly, so I’ve cut out raw vegetables and fruits again and will slow introduce them a second time. There will be a second video after this one, rest assured. Plus, I’m still in the stages of learning what time of the day is best for eating and how it affects bowel movements, so that information is forthcoming as well.

Keep fighting,


Question: For the j-pouchers, what has your diet been like? Give us all the details of what works and what doesn’t!

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  1. I have had my J Pouch for 3 months so far, I had my entire colon removed due to severe Ulcerative Colitis. I am 23 Years old with two children and life has been…rough. My diet since the J Pouch goes up and down. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. For the most part, anything spicy (including things like itallian sausage or cinnamon) doesn’t feel good coming out the other end ;-) Neither do seeds, so I stay away from anything like that.You may be able to get away with small portions.Also, if I eat too much sugar during the day… like around Christmas or halloween with candies cookies, pies etc. that usually increases my bethroon trips.
    I take a chewabe vitamins to make sure I get the vitamins I need. I have a real hard time with liquids, which poses a poblem since you really have to stay up on being hydrated… needless to say I am not hydrated like I should be. It ‘helps’ if I eat something like bread, before hand, to help absorb it so that it doesn’t go right through, and then laying on my back for a while. Also drinking a little bit at a time, but that is hard when your thirsty. I drink 1tsb of Metamucil with 2 oz (your supposed to start with 8 oz of water and then adjust it) of water in the morning and with dinner to help thicken things up. I eat alot of carbs to help with the leaking (it thickens ‘output’)and ‘burning.’ I don’t seem to have a problem with raw veggies and fruits but I only eat a little at a time and the veggies I usually eat are cooked anyway. What kind of problems do you have with raw friuts and veggies? Anyway, I can’t have cereal with milk before bed or Im up all night…too much liquid. I usually eat dinner at 4 pm that way Im not eating too soon before bed. Other than that, other foods are just fine. Like I said,my big issue is liquid. All of this seems like a lot but you get it figured out and it just comes as a second nature. Online searches to find places like this help too, but some of them are discouraging, Like Dennis here says, keep fighting!! God Bless!

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