Wearing an ostomy bag under clothes

November 4, 2008

Hey everybody, it’s not too difficult to keep your ostomy bag hidden from others. I’ll show you how!

Keep fighting,


Question: How do you wear your ostomy bag under clothes?


  1. Dennis, Thanks much for this site. I’ve had my illeostomy for 10 months now. For casual wear, I role up the bottom of the pouch and clamp it with a normal paper clamp (those black clamps with the silvery mettle wings). Then I wear loose fitting, think tops, like Hawaian shirts. The clamp never falls off. It’s easy to remove.

    I’m wondering if you have ever tried the stealthbelt (http://www.stealthbelt.com). It looks like it could really solve the problem with wearing the ostamy with a suit or while swimming.

    • Ooops, soryr, I meant ‘thick’ tops (not ‘think’ tops as I wrote above)- ie: thick material which hide what is underneath.

      • I have a colostomy and I do use the stealth belt when swimming. (and to be honest, it’s quite nice to have on when I’m intimate with my wife). I used to avoid pools but now have no problem being “seen” in public.

        How it works: The belt holds your pouch sideways (you need to deattach it from the base and rotate it from the vertical position) and works quite well so long as you don’t have a lot of output, in which case it buldges and requires emptying,just as you would need to do with the pouch alone.

        The belt’s band does have a tendency to peak out above the waistline of my bathing suit so I wear a bathing suit that matches the color of the belt (both are black). That way, it just looks like some sort of webbing that’s part of the suit.

        Has made a huge difference in my life. Well worth the investment imho.

  2. Dennis:
    I just had a colostomy about 5 weeks ago, so I guess I’m considered a newbee. I’m a little older than you, 62, and I have rectal cancer. Your video about the belt was great as I wondered what it was for and how it was used. Even though my computer doesn’t have sound (Major thunder&lighting storm took it out), I still got the general idea. My colostomy is a descending one so it is in a little different position but not by a whole lot and I feel that the belt may give me some added security and peace of mind.

    You know I’ve found out that having a colostomy is not the end of the world. Before the surgery I had all kind of ideas about what it would be like and so far none of my ideas have even come close to what it is actually like. I’m finding it, not that big a deal, yes there is some management of the devises, but I spend less time doing that than I would have if I actually used the commode. I do miss my magazine reading time on the thrown.

    My only major problem has been the itching under the base unit. Hollister changed bases, but I still seem to have a little problem. I taked to my Colostomy nurse at the hospital and they suggested a powder and then using barrier wipes. Things appear to be getting better so I have my fingers crossed.

    Like I said, I enjoy your site, it is very very informative and this is what I need today. Yes, doctors and nurses are wonderful (at least some of them) but I need real life people to tell me what it’s like in the real world. You are doing this for me.

    Good Luck and maybe we will talk sometime,

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